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Modern fitness

Fitness has changed dramatically in the past few decades, in no small part due to scientific findings and studies discovering relationships between fitness and health.

Nowadays the principal concern is not to look slim, though is is of course always important. No in modern times the concern is to be fit and have a lean strong body, as this is highly correlated to all sorts of health issues.

Just to take the weight to get started, overweight and obese people have a lower life expectancy than people with a normal weight. This is because of a few reasons. First with a heavier weight, the heart makes more efforts to move the body and it ages faster. Note that heart aging is big factor in aging. If you go to a gym and look at the cardio-equipment, you will notice a range for heart beat, and this range always decline with age. So exhausting the heart is never a good thing.

Another problem is that overweight people carry a lot of fat. That is why they are not slim of course. But excess fat is bad in itself. It generates unhealthy particles in the blood stream and cells. Fat cells may attract cancer cells. Type-2 diabetes is likely due to the excess of fat and sugar consumed by the individual in question.

Many research studies show the high correlation between unfitness and the risk to catch diseases and die earlier. And this is why the fitness business is booming as millions of people are overweight, and thousands decide that such a situation is not sustainable and they decide to hit their local fitness club.

And the gyms themselves are reacting by offering more fitness products for this new line of clients. A company like LesMills is an example of this trend. They propose a series of aerobics classes like Body Pump, Body Conditioning or Body Attack. All these classes are high intensity classes where participants burn around 600-700 calories in one hour. Boxing fit, zumba and Commando Circuits.

The second important thing to be healthy is to eat healthy. And normally healthy diets do not include a lot of fat, so this matches the goal of reaching fitness as well.

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