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Linknetics is an automated Multi Way link exchange network that allows you as a busy webmaster and business owner to focus your time in areas better spent. SEO concepts are integrated into the human edited site list and resulting link network again freeing you the webmaster from the painful and time-consuming task of gathering links.

Linknetics is the first and only network that offers not reciprocal links but multi way links through members. This means that none of the sites you link to links back to you. So, links are getting more value and look more natural.
Also, you can have your inbound links pointing to more than one of your site pages which means that your inbound links look more natural and at the same time you promote multiple pages of your site.

Additionally not all links appear instantly, but through a reasonable amount of time in order to look more natural.
Here’s a basic overview of how a site would join Linknetics and what would happen over time.

1/ Register for a Linknetics account.
2/ Add new website, submit your domain that you would like to promote. For each of those pages add several titles and descriptions you want to display throughout the network.
3/ Upload a small file to your server which is provided to you in the account panel, link to the file from each of your website’s pages you added. The file will show a directory with links of other members, just as on other members’ sites that link to you. This will increase your backlink count instantly and daily, as new member sites join which display your link in their directories.
4/ Start Scheduling Auto Posts to Classified Ads, Directories, FFA, Guest Books and RSS feeds.
5/ Setup 5 Blogs and exchange posts with 1000’s of other Blogs members and start getting one way links pointing back to your site.
6/ Receive One Way Links Naturally within the theme of your websites. Using Linknetics algorithm one way links will start pointing to your website which overtime and will appear completely natural.

Have articles written just for you and have your articles distributed to 250 different article sites and have one way links point back to your websites. Get back to work on the tasks that make you money! Your linking will happen automatically. If your link is ever removed by the other web site, they are automatically removed from our network so there is never a need to monitor your links, our software does it for you.

Below is the list of the main FAQ

What is Linknetics?
Linknetics is a Link Marketing System that allows members to create and post short term links by using 4-5 different methods. Using these methods allows your sites to be indexed quickly on the major search engines. Linknetics allows members to create long term links by using reciprocal link exchange, our exclusive one way solar system link structure which will grow naturally overtime , our exclusive blog network system and articles written just for you to create more one way links. Each Linknetics member creates a directory page on their web site where the links to their link trade partners will be located. Linknetics is always adding additional features to its system. Linknetics is not just a reciprocal link directory it is a complete link marketing system which will continually adapt to the environment.

How will Linknetics help my websites?
Linknetics will help websites get indexed on the search engines; maintain long term link structure which will grow as your site grows.

How many different ways are there to link with Linknetics?
Linknetics has broken down links into two categories.Short Term Link and Long Term Links .Currently there are 5 different methods of creating short term Links to get your site indexed quickly. Currently there are 3 different methods of creating long term links to build your page rank up on google and rankings on yahoo and msn.

Are there any costs to join Linknetics?
Yes, there is a monthly charge depending on the membership you choose. Here is a list of or membership packages Membership Number of Sites Cost• Asteriod 2 websites $19.00 per month • Moon 50 websites $39.00 per month • Planet 100 websites $59.00 per month • Solar System 250 websites $79.00 per month • Galaxy 500 websites $99.00 per month Universe Unlimited $199.00 per month

What is Linknetics forum?
Linknetics Forum is for Linknetics customers only. Any member of Linknetics is a member of the forum. The forum is a place where all internet entrepreneurs can trade ideas on new linking strategies. Free and Paid Tools to download, news, helpdesk and much more.

Is the Linknetics Forum Free?
If you are a member of Linknetics the forum is free.

Where do I create a support ticket?
If there is a support issue all customers must create a helpdesk ticket in the Linknetics forum system.

What is short term links?
Short term links are links that the spiders visit often. The link is placed there for a short period time but long enough for the spiders to follow to your site to start indexing into the search engine.

What is long term links?
Long term links are links from other sites that point to your site that you are trying to promote. The purpose of long term links is to create stability and long term strength for your site. The search engines look to see how many links are pointing to your site from other sites. This allows them to calculate your popularity. The more links you have pointing to your from other sites the more popular you are.

How soon after I register with Linknetics will I have incoming links pointing to my site?
Once you register and add your web site(s), you will have full access to all modules to start your link marketing campaigns.

Will using Linknetics improve my Google Page Rank?
Linknetics cannot guarantee that any sites using our service will see an increased PageRank but Google does use link popularity as one factor in determining PageRank and Linknetics will certainly increase your link popularity.

I’ve joined other link exchanges, what makes Linknetics different?
Linknetics is different because we are not just a link exchange program. We are a Link Marketing System which uses many different methods for link popularity. We are always adding on new modules to help keep up with the ever changing environment. We do not depend on one method to build your link portfolio.

All other services either use link farms or only offer reciprocal link exchange systems. Linknetics goes far beyond these techniques of link popularity. Linknetics was built to be modular. By using a modular system, modules can be added on to enhance the effectiveness of Link Marketing. For example, if tag and ping is getting more sites indexed quickly we could develop this module and add it to our system. Now you will have the ability to use the new module at no additional cost .

How come my sites are not indexed?
There are many factors why your sites are not indexed. Spiders visit the sites your links are posted on, depending on the popularity of these sites and the frequency of spider visits your sites will sometimes be indexed within 3 days and take as long as 30 days. Using Linknetics we have seen sites indexed on average indexed within 7 days on various search engines. Remember just keep link marketing. Sooner or later the search engines will visit and index your site.

Can I upgrade my package at a later date?
Yes, you can upgrade your package by clicking on upgrade.

How many articles are written for me?
Depending on your membership we have scheduled a certain number of articles written for you per quarter.

Can I purchase articles written for me?
Yes, you have the ability to purchase additional articles on our system for $20.00.

How do I contact you?
If you are a member you will contact us via the ticket system or using contact us on the main website.

How do I cancel my membership?
Open a ticket in the linkneticsforum. Just let us know that you want to cancel and we will cancel your account.

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