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How Good is American Food

Food is so many things to so many people. In America we have such a variety of cuisine to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down. Depending on where you are located some folks can choose from several different kinds of food ranging from Italian to Chinese or Mexican to Indian.

People may also go as far as labeling themselves by what they choose to eat. Some call themselves “foodies” while others may fall under the category of “Vegan.” Whatever your classification, one thing is for certain, we cannot survive without food.

For the sake of argument and time, I would like to talk about good old American food and all the varieties that fall under this category. My favorite, of course, is the classic junk food. I remember my college days where I spent a good chunk of my time and eating habits on the not-so-healthy, gain the freshman fifteen, junk food.

In regards to American junk food there are quite a few items that fall under this category as well. Candy, of course, is a main staple of American junk food. My favorite is the peanut butter snickers bar, however any candy bar, baked good, or sugary goodness with peanut butter in it, is probably my all time favorite junk food.

Moving on from candy but still in the category of junk food I would have to say my next favorite on the list would be the salty and delicious french fries. I am one of those people who has never met a fry I didn’t like.

Something about the combination between the grease and saltiness of the seasoning, I just cannot say no. Lastly, to finish off the category of American junk food I would have to add, the classic after school snack, Twinkies. The cream filled center of the Twinkies, I believe, is part of everyone’s childhood in America. Who could forget something that delicious.

Another staple of American food can be found in farms and family gardens across the United States. I am talking about the home grown goodness of corn, wheat, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumbers, and all the fruits and vegetable a person can find by just planting some seeds and showing a little love and attention.

All across American people farm and grow their own fruits and vegetables to create their own signature dishes for friends and family. I live in the Midwest and one thing I look forward to every year is eating some sweet corn on the cob. I remember growing up and each harvest I would chunk corn, throw it in a pot of boiling water, and eat it from left to right, like a typewriter. That is one of the best memories growing up with my American Cuisine.

The last bit of American food I would like to bring attention to is, of course, the All-American classic steak. I would have to say eating a nice, tender, medium rare steak is at the top of my list of things to eat. Being able to cook a delicious steak on a grill in the middle of summer is a wonderful freedom to have.

Spending the day marinating the piece of meat and letting it cook to perfection is something I look forward to every year. I don’t do it a lot but it is a yummy treat when I do.

Obviously American food is not something that will make you slim. Read the 3 week diet plan if you have too much of it, as it could help you maintain a reasonable weight and not get obese.

So whether a person likes to snack on all the candy bars and sweets they can get their hands on, stuff themselves with salty fries, or choose a more healthy option with some vegetables and protein, American cuisine will never disappoint.

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